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Join award-winning Screenwriter and Film Director Suzan Battah on her journey to overcome fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs as she unleashes her creativity to the world. Follow her creative process as she writes novels, creates screenplays, develops graphic novels and produces entertaining films to share with fans.
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Surrender to Creative Freedom | Author, Screenwriter, Filmmaker



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Jan 13, 2017

Ed helps so many creatives, entrepreneurs, everyday people, and more – discover the Stupid Easy® ways of technology. 

On the podcast today we talked with Ed about the creative processes, creative technology such as Evernote to keep on track with your ideas and Ed's tips on ever changing digital trends. Also back up!!! It's important.

When it comes to technology Ed knows how to make it stupid easy.

You can find all of Ed's social media handles over on his website.


You can read Ed's blog on hashtag burnout.



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