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Join award-winning Screenwriter and Film Director Suzan Battah on her journey to overcome fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs as she unleashes her creativity to the world. Follow her creative process as she writes novels, creates screenplays, develops graphic novels and produces entertaining films to share with fans.
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Jan 11, 2017

About Adrianne


Designer and innovator of magnificent events that invite moments we remember forever, Adrianne Harris transforms the ordinary into the extraordinary.

Well known for her exquisite detailing and sparkling sense of style, she is an artist and owner of Blessed Events NY, and inspired events designer to a distinguished and discerning clientele.

Adrianne is well respected in the events planning industry and acknowledged for her design expertise by both novice and seasoned event designers alike. A 7th Avenue event designer and member of the FIT alumni, her experience and talent serve as testimony to her gracious personality.  

From the intimate to the majestic, events designed and presented by this in-demand planner and event designer are captivating and engaging.

Adrianne’s greatest accomplishments are those where she knows she has interpreted and executed her client’s vision through every phase from initial concept to completion. And where it’s been a victory, a win-win for everyone involved: the clients, the guests, and the professionals providing services.

Breaking into the business of designing lavish weddings and meaningful events for illustrious clients was, for Adrianne, all about clarity: knowing her inspirations and following her heart. In pursuing her love for both fashion and creative event design, entering this industry was a natural fit.

Being educated at the renowned Fashion Institute of Technology, Adrianne’s foundations in fashion design and hands-on event management are strong. Since working as a 7th Avenue fashion designer in the heart of New York’s fashion district, her gift for infusing fashion design and grace into every happy event has become her signature. 

Private clients desiring touches of luxury and grace along with glorious visuals, and corporate clients wishing their brand to be highlighted through every element, are drawn to Adrienne’s flair for enhancing connection between people.

Adrianne is excited to share about the new direction for her brand, Adrianne Harris. Focused on creating one-of-a-kind experiences in out of the ordinary locations, there’s a freshness and exuberance to her trademark events. Her success is founded on listening, understanding, and customizing every detail and desire of the heart into a delightful expression of her client’s dreams.

You can find Adrianne 

Facebook     @blessedeventsny



Instagram    @blessedeventsny



Twitter         @blessedeventsny







Suzan Battah is a Creative Artist Strategist who works with creative artists internationally to overcome fears, anxieties and limiting beliefs and unleash their talent to the world. She is an Award Winning Screenwriter and Film Director as well as an Author. More information is available at her Website

She is an Award Winning Screenwriter and Film Director as well as an Author.

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